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As set out below, we supply and install glass pool fencing, shower screens, glass splashbacks, all types of glass balustrade and mirrors. We also offer glass replacement services to suit any situation in either your home, work or commercial space. We also do all types of glass repairs, including shop fronts, glass roofing and tabletops.


We specialise in glass pool fencing, especially frameless ones. Frameless fencing is the ultimate in fencing systems, adding style and spaciousness. Frameless pool fencing also provides safety, strength and security to any pool area. We use a range of quality fittings that suit every outdoor situation.


We do all styles of shower screens, including frameless, semi-framed and fully framed. All of our shower screens are custom made to the exact specifications of each unique bathroom. They are available in many different types of glass, depending on your individual needs.


Glass splashbacks add value and style to new & old kitchens and bathrooms. They are very versatile and easy to clean. Splashbacks are most commonly used in kitchens, but are increasingly being used in bathrooms and other areas of the home. We can paint your splashback in any Dulux colour you choose. We have a growing library of sample splashback colours for your convenience.


Glass balustrade, whether external or internal, is becoming more popular each day. Externally, glass balustrade provides a complete transparent and unobtrusive view. While internally, glass balustrade creates a clean and spacious feel to any area. Glass Balustrades are often used for balcony railings, stairs and swimming pool fencing (also see pool fence section). Most of our work is done using frameless glass, but we also do semi framed balustrade.


We can supply and install all sizes, and types of mirrors. All our mirrors are customised to suit your individual needs.


We offer glass replacement services to suit any situation in either homes, shops or offices. We also do all types of glass repairs, including shopfronts, glass roofing, table tops

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